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Anytime, Anywhere Wireless Access to the Network

Now you can fully support the wide array of personal and mobile devices that’s pouring into enterprises. Cater to BYOD with a highly scalable, real-time optimized and secure wireless networking solution that features a truly unified wired/wireless architecture. The Wireless LAN 8100 Series comprises access points, controllers, and management software.

1. Proven Voice and Video Scalability

A third-party test by Miercom shows the Wireless LAN 8100 Series leads the market in voice and video scalability over Wi-Fi.

2. Certified Quality of Service

Set traffic rules and prioritize network flow to help ensure optimal QoS on mobile and smart devices.

3. Lower TCO

Remove the complexities and costs of supporting multiple overlay networks through centralized management and a truly unified wired and wireless architecture. Embedding the wireless data plane into the switching infrastructure enables common hardware reuse, fewer components, and greater scalability.

High-Capacity Wireless LAN Controller

Designed for medium to large scale enterprise deployments, the WLAN Controller 8180 is a high-capacity WLAN controller that can support up to 512 WLAN 8100 Series access points. It offers high performance and service resiliency critical for voice and multimedia applications, and can be deployed as a standalone controller or integrated with Avaya switching in a unified wired/wireless environment.

High-Performance Access Points

Support 802.11n and legacy 802.11 a/b/g with Wireless LAN Access Points 8120 and 8120-E. These two-radio devices offer full performance within the 802.3af PoE. The WLAN AP 8120-E is a plenum-rated access point for use with external antennas.

High-Performance Outdoor Access Point

Extend wireless coverage outdoors with Wireless LAN Access Point 8120-O, a two-radio, 802.11n, outdoor Access Point, specifically designed for harsh environments.

Full Suite of Management Tools

Perform pre- and post-deployment planning, configuration, verification, management, and optimization of your wireless infrastructure through a comprehensive suite of management tools.

Antennas Built for Your Requirements

Select an antenna pattern that meets your coverage and aesthetic needs with Wireless LAN Access Point 8120-E.


The 802.11n wireless standard supports access at speeds three to six times faster than 802.11 a/b/g connections, improving the performance of voice and other real-time applications.

Deliver secure user services, based on user identities and device-type. Common network access security capabilities can be set for all users and devices, both wired and wireless.