Networking solution is a major part of every business irrespective of the sizes and complexities. We are positioned help SMEs, Mid-Market and Enterprise business to deploy and manage seamlessly the network connectivity either it be cabled networks, wireless network or even fiber optics connections.

For organizations with multiple sites with requirements to have all branches/sites linked together, we also provide WAN (Wide Area Network) configurations for them with considerations for full scalability, resiliency and redundancy.

Our setup process requires helping you plan ahead for expansion with our top of the market scalable and stack-able routing switches with Automatic Detection and Configuration (ADAC) saving us as well as your IT staff hours of configuration of new devices.


Our networking solutions are deployed using highly cost-effective PoE and PoE+ equipment which provides peace of mind as it can support new devices with higher power usage requirements. This creates an energy efficient environment for our clients because it saves you a lot on energy consumption.

There is nothing like having switch clustering capability enabled on your network for effective and efficient  load-balancing and sub-second failover for a robust, resilient network. With this in place, your network does not suffer unecessary failure due to failure of one router/switch.

Enjoy the effectiveness of  network virtualization capabilities that support the delivery of always-on business services and cloud-based services in your business.


Wireless Infrastructure

We are proficient solution provider of WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)  enabling enterprise-wide access to an organization’s applications and data.

Wireless infrastructure allows users to take the office with them wherever they go. The wireless network provides employees and guest workers with untethered access to voice, video, data, and applications regardless of their physical location.

With the influx of mobile devices and increase in Wi-Fi connections, organizations are already starting to see a pardigm shift to “wireless by default” and “wired by exception.”

Our wireless solutions are deployed with high-end, great quality wireless access points with wired-like performances throughput. We provide wireless solutions that have strategic IT advantage which enables your employees to do more than ever before.

With various range of Ayaya indoor and outdoor access points, direct connection is made from your device to the target without any form of bottle-neck or network congestion experienced in other types of wireless networks

Microsoft Server Network Configuration


Laynet is equipped with highly trained and certified IT professionals who are familiar and vast with various Microsoft server solution ranging from Server 2012, Small Business Server, Microsoft Forefront Endpoint, Hyper-V, Exchange Server and a host of others.

Irrespective of your demand volume, we have the adequate number of professionals to get your project deployed within reason time frame.

We provide configuration and support via remote connection, which means we don’t have to be physically present in your office to monitor, support or configure your servers. This is based on your requirement per time.