1CRM – Customers Relationship Management

Our Customers Relationship Management (CRM) solution is actually beyond the regular CRM as what we really provide is Customers Relationship and Business Management (CRBM) Solution with the best offer in this industry. We are an officially certified partner of 1CRM – an All-in-One CRM solution for sales, marketing, project and order management

Organize Your Data
Gone are the days of having your data scattered across different apps and devices. 1CRM enables you to access it all from a single integrated online platform. Simply pull in all of your customer & business data from the systems and services you use, and 1CRM will begin tracking your progress immediately.

Work Smarter – Not Harder
Integrations save time and promote collaboration, by providing access to every tool and every piece of information from a single platform. 1CRM helps you increase customer satisfaction while reducing support costs!

Complete Business Management
With integrated CRM, projects, billing, sales & marketing, reporting and collaboration, 1CRM covers all the bases to ensure that you only need one software solution to manage your entire business.

One System – Many Industries
Whether you work in manufacturing, high tech, retail, or real estate, 1CRM is the custom-fit CRM solution you’ve been looking for. Adapting to any industry with its uniquely flexible design, 1CRM saves time and helps you do a better job.

Collaborate and Bring Remote Teams Together
Bring remote teams together effectively with a single CRM system to manage your business. Securely access your data anytime, anywhere, and from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

Complete – Customizable – Cost Effective
Looking for a new CRM? Well, look no further! Delivering enterprise functionality at a small business price, 1CRM is the ultimate CRM system. Including all the tools you need to run and grow your business, 1CRM is highly customizable and open source. Create a personalized experience for your customers and yourself with 1CRM.




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