Welcome to Laynet, we are one of Nigeria’s leading IT Solutions provider for SMEs, Mid-market & Enterprise organizations. We focus on the full array of UC technology solutions, which extends from IP Telephony, Telepresence, Video Collaborations, Mobility, Instant Messaging and Presence (IM), Contact Centers, Managed Services and Cloud-based Solutions, Networking, IP Surveillance, Web Development, Manged Services, Servers Implementation and Systems Integration.

Benefits of Unified Video Collaboration Solution

Our video conferencing solutions remove geographical boundaries, enabling ‘face-to-face’ interactions between individuals and teams regardless of location. With video conferencing, people and content can be shared to give the same natural meeting experience but without incurring costs associated with travel.

Business success is driven largely by the quality of decision making and the skill and speed at which those decisions are executed.  Our video conferencing solutions remove the need to travel in order to meet and share information. This not only reduces travel costs and unproductive travel time, it also speeds up communication and collaboration resulting in quicker decisions being made.

Reducing wasted travel time to and from meetings means that employees can use the saved time more productively.

Enabling on-demand collaboration regardless of location means quick access to expert knowledge for faster decision making.

Morale can be improved due to less ‘travel stress’ and more flexible working – morale has a direct impact on productivity.

Businesses are now starting to look seriously at their ‘green credentials’ to improve their social responsibility standing as well as reducing travel and energy usage costs. Video conferencing is one of the most effective ways to positively impact the environment by cutting Co2 emissions as a consequence of less travel.

Recruiting the right caliber of employee can be a costly and time consuming process. Video conferencing can help streamline the recruitment process in the following ways:

– Use video conferencing as part of the first stage interview process to screen candidates from any part of the world without incurring costs.

– Interview more candidates from more locations via video conferencing to choose from a wider pool and make better hiring decisions

-Video conferencing can be used to record and archive interviews, allowing key decision makers to replay the interview ••and make better, more informed hiring decisions.

The increasingly pressurised working environment can lead to issues such as absenteeism, staff turnover and low productivity. Video conferencing solutions can improve the work/life balance by facilitating flexible working initiatives and reducing stress associated with frequent business travel.

Delivering superior customer service is an essential part of the corporate brand and market differentiation. The key to providing excellent customer service is the speed at which customer issues are resolved. Video conferencing speeds up the communication process by connecting people no matter where they are located, allowing agents to instantly collaborate with skilled back-office workers for fast resolution of customer issues.

With video conferencing solution, the total cost of ownership is still the lowest in the industry compare to it’s competitors and this is due to our high inter-operability factor i.e. all our solution can connect with multiple vendor platform and also support BYOD which also means our products work with laptops, tablets and smartphones and the great part is, mobile apps comes free for download and your attendees don’t have to pay even when they are not part of your network. With the various advantages it will bring to your business, our solution will give you a much higher return on investment within a short period